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2009 Distinguished Young Alumni

This month the University of Pittsburgh, Swanson School of Engineering has honored me with the 2009 Distinguished Young Alumni award. I was home when I found out. I immediately told my wife, Sue.

Sue’s response was, “Distinguished Young Alumni? You’re not young. Are you sure they have the right person?”

Sue’s comment notwithstanding, there were five Distinguished Alumni awardees. Their graduation dates ranged from 1968 to 1980. Being in the class of 1990 qualifies me as young.

It was an honor to have been chosen. And they gave me a really nice plaque too.

The high point for me was that my daughters attended the award dinner along with Sue. It won’t be too long before, they stop thinking that I’m cool. Sue realized this years ago but she doesn’t usually tell anybody.

So many thanks to the Alumni association.

Hail Pitt.