Watching the hive

This morning at 6:00 am, I set up a water dish for the hive. Bees need water and I was concerned that they would start using the neighbor's pool. That seemed like bad PR at the very least. There were about 50 dead bees on the ground in front of the hive. Those were the only bees I saw but I put my ear to the hive box and could hear lots of buzzing.

That afternoon, I checked again. It was amazing to see all the commotion. Man do those bees work hard. Now I know where the expressions "busy as a bee," and "hive of activity" come from. They have even removed all the dead bees from the ground in front of the hive.

Other than a quick check to make sure the queen is released, you leave the hive undisturbed for 15 days so that they get established. Otherwise, they might abandon the hive box and go live somewhere else.

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